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UPIC (Previously known as Pavement Design Solutions Limited) staff have collectively over 40 years experience in, 1. Solution delivery through the application of leading-edge technology and through innovation and development where no suitable technology exists, and 2. Expert engineering consultancy to advise on, design, specify and assure leading edge solutions, and lead and support the introduction of new technology and engineering processes into engineering practice.

Expert Witness

Due to the broad range of experiences within the staff of UPIC, we have the required technical skills to get to the heart of even the most complex issues resulting from failed infrastructure projects. Due to this the staff within UPIC have been asked a number of times to undertake the role of an Expert Witness.

Please click this link to find out more about the Expert Witness Roles previously indertaken

Technology Development

UPIC staff have invested considerably in the development of new products and processes which are either currently on the open market or have patents and patent pending status for infrastructure projects from new bricks using Pulverised Fuel Ash (PfA) waste in Vietnam ad China through to double gully pots (with the Wavin Group).

Please click the following link to review the innovations the UPIC staff have developed

Achievement & Publications

Collectively, UPIC staff have published over 50 national and international journal and conference publications relating to pavement materials, structural design and performance assessment. Most recently these were: SCOTS Natural Stone Good Practice Guide in partnership with TRL and funded by SCOTS; Development of British Standard BS7533, Parts 7 and 10; and new Scottish guidelines for the application of recycled and secondary materials, funded by WRAP.

For details on our achievement, please click this link