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UPIC (Previously known as Pavement Design Solutions Limited) delivers low energy and sustainable technology and engineering solutions that address the key drivers of cost and performance, and environmental impact and sustainability with provision and maintenance of civil infrastructure. UPIC has expert staff with the proven capability to develop new material technology and new engineering processes and systems. The principal delivery of UPIC is materials that create structure that cost less, have enhanced performance and create less environmental impact to construct and maintain and are thus more sustainable options than are possible with current knowledge and experience. UPIC provides next generation solutions with new materials and structures and leads change with the provision and maintenance of civil infrastructures through the application of new material technology and products. The principal field of civil infrastructure that UPIC has expertise in is land transport infrastructure; the expertise can extend to railway, seaport and airport infrastructure.

Developments have resulted in new British Standards with natural stone roadway and footway construction, national guidelines for the design, specification and construction of roadways and footway using natural stone and recycled soils and aggregates, and UK and European patents with the cleaning of surface water from roadways, and the processing of waste products and arisings from the maintenance and de-construction of buildings, roadways and footways to create high-value construction materials.

The drivers for the solutions developed by UPIC are the targets set by world governments for the reduction in the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, the reduction in the stockpiling of waste from industrial processes, and the reduction in energy consumed in construction and industrial processes. The solutions developed by UPIC for national and local governments integrate the three drivers: waste streams are processed to reduce the demand for non-renewable natural resources and achieve reduced production and construction energy.

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