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Special Deal for British Pendulum Skid Tester

We have Bitish Pendulum Skid Tester to sell with competitive price. General information for the tester is shown below:

This tester is a dynamic pendulum impact-type tester used to measure the energy loss when a rubber slider edge is propelled over a test surface. The tester is suited for laboratory as well as field tests on flat surfaces, and for polish value measurements on curved laboratory specimens from accelerated polishing-wheel tests.

Pendulum: 1500g
Pendulum center-of-gravity distance: 410mm
Normal static pressure of rubber slide to test surface: 22.2N
Pendulum center-of –edge of rubber distance: 508mm
Dimension: 560mm X 60mm X 90mm
Weight: 33kg
Accessories: Rubber sliders 4PCS
Perspex setting gauge 1PCS
Water bottle 1PCS
Complete with aluminium transport case 1PCS
Rubber brush 1PCS
Translucent plastic cover 1PCS

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