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UPIC have a specialist laboratory in the UK for the development and design of materials. UPIC has specialist testing equipment for use on site to assure the quality of material after it has been laid and tested. The specialist equipment complements standard international laboratory and site equipment.

The specialist equipment measures fundamental characteristics of materials, the characteristics are used in analytical models to predict the performance of roadway and footway pavements.

UPIC design materials and pavements systems in recognition that the two activities are integrated. This combined capability allows UPIC to assure the quality of a roadway or footway construction.

UPIC can supply and commission specialist testing laboratory and site testing equipment. UPIC can also train staff in the use of specialist testing equipment and provide knowledge and technology transfer to enable local engineers to undertake assured roadway and footway design.

It is recognised by UPIC that all countries have their own design standards. In each country PDS has transferred technology and know-how using, in the first instance, standards relevant to a country.

Our mission is to supply high quality site and laboratory equipment throughout the UK, Europe and World Wide at reasonable prices and also to :
1) Continue to develop new products and apply new technology to meet Customer requirements;
2) Supply high quality products and assign special Quality Control members to tracing the product in every step of manufacture procedure thereby supplying products in accordance with customer specifications;
3) Timely shipping and reliable transportation;
4) Ongoing personal support services for our customers.

1. Flexural Strength Test

2. Joint Shear Capacity - Shear Strength Test
3. Bond Adhesion Strength Test
(Pull-off test)

4. Compressive Strength Test

5. Shrinkage Test

6. Penetration Test

7. Skid/Slip Resistance Test

8. Nottingham Asphalt Tester (NAT)
9. Clegg Impact Soil Test

10. Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)
11. Nuclear Density Test

12. Dynamic Plate Test
( Light Weight Deflectometer)